Benefits of Nettle

All about nettle

Nettle may look like a weed and sting like a bee, but it's one of the most nutrient dense plants in the nature. Stinging nettle is the most nutritious of edible plants. Fresh nettle contains 5.5% protein, 0.6% fat and a record amount (2.3%) of minerals - the most important of which are iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Nettle is rich in vitamins C, B (B1 thiamine and B2 riboflavin), A and E. Nettle is two times more nutritious than carrots and three times more nutritious than spinach. 

The therapeutic effect of nettle

Nettle gives strength and cleanses the blood, strengthens blood formation and improves blood clotting - it is used when blood counts are poor and fatigue occurs. Nettle promotes digestion, normalizes metabolism, lowers blood sugar levels, reduces swelling and helps to lose weight. Nettle has anti-inflammatory effects on digestive and respiratory disorders - it removes uric acid from the body, relieves rheumatism, fibromyalgia and gout. Nettle is rich in silican and acetylcholine, which is why it is used for both prophylaxis and treatment of allergies. Nettle also contains a lot of calcium, which is well suited for people who do not drink milk and have osteoporosis and children with bone pain. The acetylcholine contained in nettle stimulates brain activity and improves memory. Nettle strengthens and supports the kidneys and relieves hemorrhoids; externally improves skin epithelial tissues, stimulates metabolism and blood circulation and helps relieve psoriasis. In addition, nettle strengthens and revitalizes hair and nails, while stimulating hair growth. To top it all off, nettle adds energy and increases sexual activity (potency) and vitality.


Nettle as a tea


Nettle tea helps against bad mood and nervousness, suitable for the whole family. For tea, take a teaspoon of chopped leaves or HIID powder and pour over hot (not boiling!) water and let simmer for up to ten minutes. Nettle with raspberry leaves should be on the menu of all pregnant and young mothers, as it contains a lot of iron and has a breast milk-boosting effect. Nettle should be eaten before planning a pregnancy, as it strengthens the mother's kidneys and to some extent helps to prevent hereditary ailments and diseases in the family. Strengthening the kidneys also contributes to the child's strong and healthy teeth.


In addition, nettle tea can be consumed during the cleansing process, which helps to cleanse and provides the necessary protective nutrients, thus reducing the side effects of cleansing, such as headaches. Consumption of nettle tea during the cleansing, can accelerate the removal of waste products and fluid from the body and from the tissues involved in cellulite.


The maximum dose of the nettle tea is 2-3 cups per day. However, as a potent herb, that can be used as a two week cure, not constantly!


Nettle as a medicinal plant


Nettle is one of the most important herbs used internally for allergic eczema. Nettle contains, among other things, silicon and acetylcholine, which are anti-allergic substances. Nettle increases allergen resistance in case of allergies. Fresh nettle juice helps well in cases of hemorrhoidal bleeding, cystitis and menstruation with too much bleeding. Tea, boiled from leaves and roots, helps cleanse the respiratory mucus, relieves bone pain and helps with diarrhea. For these ailments, you should drink two cups of tea a day. The nettle tincture eliminates the pain and swelling of a bee sting when rubbed every five minutes; it also helps to heal burns.


In homeopathy, nettle is used for hives and all itchy skin reactions and skin eczema. However, excessive urticaria can sometimes cause urticaria itself, such as immediately after a few courses of treatment. In this case, the nettle should be excluded from treatment and diet, and after a few months, the body should be gradually restrained with nettle.


Nettle in floral therapy


Nettle is used as a vitality enhancer and iron enhancer. Nettle in flower therapy helps to interpret your feelings and needs. Nettle helps to understand that man is a part of nature and teaches to live according to that feeling, suitable for those who are tired and powerless and need vitality, because nettle brings the power of the earth to all levels of life.


Nettle is used as an internal remedy in the treatment of all kinds of skin inflammation and herpes, including shingles. Because nettle removes uric acid from the body, it helps against gout well. Leg cramps are usually caused by a lack of magnesium and calcium. Nettle with extra calcium also help relieve osteoporosis, and more magnesium, boron and vitamin D are needed for more effective treatment. Regular consumption of HIID green powder strengthens the skin and helps people who bruise too easily.


Nettle rapidly raises the level of haemoglobin in the blood!


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