Nettle Smoothie Mix

Nettle Smoothie Mix (organic, gluten free)

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Add some extra vitamins, fiber, iron  and other minerals to your smoothies and juices with HIID Nettle Smoothie Mix. It’s made out of nettle leaf powder (15%), sea buckthorn (10%) and fiber mixture (75%; citrus fruits, chicory, psyllium and raw buckwheat).

100 g

Gluten free

All ingredients from controlled organic farming.

Nutrition value per 100 g: energy 89 kcal; fats  0g; fiber 65 g; carbohydrates 13.5 g; sugar 2.7 g; protein 10.3 g; salt 0.3 g

EAN code 4744998070084

Perfect for adding to smoothies, juices and other foods in order to:

- boost immune system and overall health

- improve memory and concentration

- maintain a healthy body weight

- add vitality and strength to everyday life

- cleanse and detox your body and mind

- reduce inflammation

- boost athletic performance